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    How can the waterproof function of non-woven bag be achieved

    How can the waterproof function of non-woven bag be achieved Nowadays, the non-woven bags and environmental protection bags on the market are very good in quality with low price, but they are basically waterproof. So, how do these bags waterproof? Many people may know that non-woven fabric is an env
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    Why does the environment-friendly non-woven bag can be "automatically disappear"?

    “Hanging the non-woven bag on the balcony, after exposure to the sun and rain, it will disappear automatically after 3 months.” You may think this only appears in magician's magic. In fact, it lives in our daily life. Its name is "degradable environmental protection bag". A few days ago, at the scen
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    Introduction of bags of different materials

    Non-woven bag Non woven bags are colorful, bright, fashionable and environmentally friendly. It has a wide range of uses, with a lot of advantages such as various……
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    Introduction to the advantages of cardboard bag

    The use of cardboard bags has been rising in popularity due to the increasing concern about plastic waste and its environmental impact. In China, this trend has become particularly prevalent, with cardboard bags being used in a variety of settings including supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stor
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