How can the waterproof function of non-woven bag be achieved
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How can the waterproof function of non-woven bag be achieved

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Nowadays, the non-woven bags and environmental protection bags on the market are very good in quality with low price, but they are basically waterproof. So, how do these bags waterproof?

Many people may know that non-woven fabric is an environment-friendly and breathable material, which is easy to decompose in the natural environment. Usually, non-woven bag factories directly use this kind of fabric to make products. The general printing process includes silk screen printing or offset printing. These two printing processes have no special changes to non-woven fabric. For environmental protection ink printing, the printed pattern of environmental protection bag will be fade out after washing.

Non woven fabric lamination is a production process different from screen printing. Its characteristic is that the printed pattern can achieve photo effect and print various complex color patterns. It is to cover a layer of PP film on the surface of non-woven fabric, so that the firmness of non-woven fabric has been greatly improved. At the same time, non-woven fabric can also be waterproof, and the printed pattern on its surface will not fade due to washing.

Therefore, the actual role is this layer of film. The reason why the patterns of those environmental protection bags we usually use will not fade, and can be waterproof is because it plays a real role to a large extent.

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