Why does the environment-friendly non-woven bag can be "automatically disappear"?
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Why does the environment-friendly non-woven bag can be "automatically disappear"?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-31      Origin: Lianxing packing


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“Hanging the non-woven bag on the balcony, after exposure to the sun and rain, it will disappear automatically after 3 months.”

You may think this only appears in magician's magic. In fact, it lives in our daily life. Its name is "degradable environmental protection bag".

A few days ago, at the scene of China (Shenyang) International Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry Expo, onlookers looked at the developers of environmental protection bags with skepticism.

Since the national plastic limitation, these fashionable environment-friendly non-woven bags have become a new favorite of citizens.

In order to achieve the environmental protection effect, this magical environmental protection bag also has a special ability, which is "automatic disappearance".

"As long as it is exposed to the sun and rain, it will disappear after three months. In this way, it will achieve the effect of environmental protection." The introduction of exhibitors makes many people feel the "magical effect" brought by environmental protection.

In front of the booth, the reporter also saw golden printed environmental protection bags made for medium and high-end consumer groups, as well as coated environmental protection bags.

"Now that energy resource situation is so important, this little thing is really good. It doesn't need wood and the price is not expensive. It's both economical and environmentally friendly." At the scene, many visitors gave a thumbs up to this fashionable environment-friendly product.

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